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Get the People Right. Get the Culture Right.

The Principles tools are designed to help organizations operate consistently with their principles and culture. They are used to collect and process data to build a deep understanding of what people are like and to turn that data into intelligence.

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Designed by Ray Dalio — one of the world’s most successful investors, entrepreneurs, and bestselling author.

The Principles system is a driver supporting our core values—most importantly compassionate directness. Dot Collector reminds us to communicate and be honest about whatever it is that we're feeling internally so we can work smarter and overcome challenges together.

Arianna Huffington

Collect and Connect the Dots.

In order to understand what people are like you need to turn information into data. Every observation of a person potentially tells you something valuable about how they operate.

We call these observations...Dots

Principles for Enterprise.

The Principles platform currently offers the following tools:


Personality Assessment

Dot Collector.

Collect and Capture Information

About Me and Others.

Insights and Intelligence


Understand yourself. Understand others. Help others understand you.

Developed by leading psychometricians, under the oversight of Ray Dalio, PrinciplesUs brings together the best of a number of personality profile tests to create an extensive picture of each person’s thinking preferences.

PrinciplesUs can be deployed across an organization to help employees better understand themselves and each other, to enable them to work more effectively together. The results of each person’s assessment forms the foundational picture of what they are like within the Principles platform. Accurate self-knowledge is the key to building meaningful relationships — whether at work or in life.

Dot Collector.

Turn colleagues into trusted coaches, creating a culture of continuous development.

At the center of the Principles platform, the Dot Collector empowers collaboration and inclusivity, builds trust and creates transparency, and promotes high performing teams.

Dots are systematically collected and shared so you can make adjustments in the moment and learn from them over time. Dot anywhere with tools you use every day eg. Slack, Zoom and MS Teams. The Dot Collector empowers employees to help each other reach their highest potential.

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About Me and Others.

Provides a rich picture of every employee from the macro to the specific.

About Me & Others is the insights engine that captures and integrates data across the Principles platform.

By reflecting on these insights individuals are able to loop on key development areas and improve how they work with others, and managers can get a daily synthesis of what’s going on with their teams, enabling them to manage and mentor more effectively.

Turn information into intelligence — people intelligence.

From placing people in the right roles, to forming more effective teams, to reimagining employee reviews, the Principles’ tools provide new solutions to classic business problems.


Software is available on iOS, Apple, Web, and Mobile.


Our products integrate with Slack, Zoom, and Microsoft Teams.

The power of dotting.

Empowers collaboration and inclusivity

The Dot Collector encourages diversity of thought to surface from all levels of the organization—giving everyone a chance to participate, not just those who typically have a speaking part. Helping people to see through each other’s eyes prevents them from being stuck in their own head and surfaces important disagreement. Giving everyone a voice allows the best ideas to win.

Builds trust and creates transparency

It can be challenging to build relationships with people in the workplace. It can be especially challenging in a hybrid or fully remote environment—communications can be misconstrued, lack of coworker socialization can leave employees feeling isolated, and teambuilding can feel forced or difficult. Trust can be more easily cultivated with consistent, high-quality feedback, deepening the bonds between teammates.

Promotes high performing teams

Nurturing a growth mindset culture where employees are encouraged and rewarded for giving each other honest and direct feedback helps uncover strengths and opportunities for improvement. Sharing these dots allows for real-time course correction and continuous people development.

The three most exciting moments of our company were when we got our first check, when we launched our IPO, and when we decided to adopt the Principles approach—it has had a huge impact on our company.

Eric Yuan

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Inspired by Principles

Principles (PRIOS LLC) was founded in April 2020 to enable companies to take advantage of the management practices and software tools developed by Ray Dalio inside his company, Bridgewater Associates. These practices fueled Bridgewater’s growth from Ray’s two‑bedroom apartment into the largest and most successful hedge fund in the world and one of the most important private companies in the United States. These management practices and software tools are featured in his best-selling book, Principles.

Ray Dalio.