Founded in 2020, our mission is to make the tools that made our Founder, Ray Dalio successful available to other organizations to:

  • help them harness the power of feedback
  • drive greater self and other awareness
  • unlock peak performance
  • improve organizational decision making

Meet our Leadership Team

Ray Dalio
Founder, Investor, Entrepreneur
Steve Elfanbaum
Chief Technology Officer
Jeff Taylor
GM/Chief Customer Officer
Zack Wieder
Chief Experience Officer
Elaine Haney
Executive Vice President, Product and Marketing
Lee Goss
Chief Financial Officer

PrinciplesYou Archetypes

PrinciplesYou is our all new personality assessment based on the latest personality science that helps individuals and teams to operate more effectively. PrinciplesYou for business is PrinciplesUs. Take the free assessment and find out your archetype.