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A New Personality Assessment Designed to Make Teams More Effective.

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The Latest Personality Science

Combines research from the latest personality science with decades of insights drawn from high-performing teams.

Deeper Understanding of Teams

PrinciplesUs gives you a rich picture of your team’s dynamics and how to interact most effectively to achieve shared goals.

Practical, Actionable Insights

Immediately apply these insights to build better teams and improve overall performance.

We designed PrinciplesUs to help you gain the self-awareness and other-awareness that are critical to making good decisions, getting things done, and turning a group of coworkers into a great team.

Adam Grant

Empower Employees with Self-Discovery

Accurate self-knowledge is the key to achieving goals. Each team member will discover their tendencies, talents, and opportunities for growth, pointing the way toward maximizing their potential.

How You Prefer to Think

This section describes your approach to thinking, which can reveal what type of work you might prefer, at which aspects of a job you are more likely to excel, and how you tend to approach and solve problems.

How You Engage with Others

This section shows how you engage with others. Understanding your natural inclinations can help you get the most out of your relationships with people.

How You Apply Yourself

This section describes how you manage and apply yourself as challenges are faced, how ambitiously you set goals for yourself, how you cope with setbacks and failure, and how you leverage these experiences to learn, develop, and grow.

Work better together.

PrinciplesUs provides insights that helps place people in the right roles, build better teams, and enhance team dynamics to improve collaboration and performance.

Interpersonal Relationships

You can look at how your results relate to your colleagues and teammates to get valuable insights into what your relationship will be like and how to engage most effectively.

Team Dynamics

Reflect on the composition of your whole team to understand:

How You’re Similar and Different

Where You Compliment Each Other Best

Where Your Team Might Improve

What we offer today

A comprehensive report of your Team that highlights key characteristics and group dynamics.

Personality type clusters showing strengths and possible gaps in your team - insights you can use to inform your team development, design, and hiring.

Dynamic comparisons along cognitive, interpersonal, and motivational dimensions showing how individuals relate to each other and giving valuable guidance about how to interact most effectively.


Virtual and “Live” In-Person sessions tailored to your team with exercises designed to help you reflect deeply together on your team personality profile and what it means for how you work together.

Coaching For Individuals or Teams

Take your assessment results to the next level - hone in on specific strengths and growth areas to shape your personal and professional development path. We offer ongoing coaching with groups or 1:1.

Connect the Dots with Principles

Continue your self-discovery process with our integrated suite of Principles tools. These tools are used to collect and process data based on everyday interactions to build a deep understanding of what people are like and to turn that data into intelligence.

Coming Soon

Full Self-Service Administration

Full self-service administration of PrinciplesUs for organizations of any size.

In-the-Moment Coaching

In-the-moment coaching for key business interactions between individuals and groups based on assessment results.

Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics to help you identify key success attributes and place people in the right roles.

Explore the Science Behind the Assessment

PrinciplesUs combines best-in-class assessment frameworks, the latest personality science, and practical and proven insights from decades of business experience. To learn more about the creation of the test, read our methodology.

Dr. John P. Golden

President and Founder of Golden LLC, a psychological assessment publishing company with a legacy spanning more than 50 years.

Ray Dalio

Founder, Investor, Entrepreneur

Dr. Adam Grant

Organizational psychologist at Wharton, bestselling author of Think Again, and host of the TED podcast WorkLife

Dr. Brian Little

Senior Fellow People Analytics at the Wharton School University of Pennsylvania, Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus at Carleton University, Author and TedTalk Speaker

Principles Us.

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